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Mashed Potato Patties With Green PeasBy EwaDelicious Mashed Potato Patties With Green Peas served with refreshing coconut cilantro lime dressing! This combo hits the spot! Transfer leftover mashed potatoes into something amazing. Enjoy these potato patties as a side dish or on their own!
Polish Apple Pie (Szarlotka)By EwaRecipe for traditional Polish Apple Pie! Easy to prepare, delicious and unique. Made with perfectly crispy, buttery shortcrust, it will not disappoint apple fans! Sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with ice cream. Say hello to winter with this sweet recipe! 🙂
Polish Cube Steaks With Gravy (Bitki Wołowe)By EwaEasy and comforting, traditional Polish Cube Steaks With Gravy. You're going to love this recipe! Tender beef steaks slow-cooked to perfection in a deliciously rich sauce - this meal is a crowd-pleaser! Serve these tender steaks with creamy mashed potatoes and pickles for hearty, satisfying dinner!
Karpatka (Polish Cream Cake)By EwaKarpatka is a traditional Polish cream cake. Filled with vanilla cream and dusted with powdered sugar, it's deliciously satisfying! It's surprisingly easy and quick to make, and so beautiful! You'll love it!
Polish Apple Fritters (Racuchy)By EwaDelicate, fluffy Polish apple fritters - ideal for breakfast, brunch, or as an afternoon snack! Easy and quick to make with a handful of everyday ingredients! Who would say no to these delicious fritters with apple filling that just melts in your mouth?!
Polish Mushroom Soup (With Noodles)By EwaDelicious and flavorful Polish mushroom soup recipe made with potatoes, carrot, cream, and lots of fresh herbs! Serve it with egg noodles or a piece of rustic bread for the comforting, warming meal. So good for a cold day!
Polish Chicken Soup (Rosół)By EwaA traditional Polish chicken soup (rosół) recipe! If you're looking for a delicious, comforting chicken soup recipe, look no further! This warming soup makes the best comfort food during cold days! Serve it with egg noodles and fresh parsley for the authentic experience!
Egg Cutlets (Egg patties)By EwaPolish egg cutlets make a delicious lunch or dinner! Easy and quick to make, yummy, and so versatile! Make them your own by adding cheese, ham, or cooked veggies! Serve them with a fresh salad on the side, potatoes, and a dipping sauce! Just delicious!
Ukrainian BorschtBy EwaAn incredibly rich Ukrainian Borscht made with red beets, tomato, cabbage, and beans. Simple to make, full of vegetables, and so comforting!! Served Polish way with sour cream, potatoes, eggs, and parsley. Extra tasty, extra beautiful!
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