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Beans, Potatoes, And Chicken Casserole

Yields1 ServingTotal Time1 hr 45 mins

A simple but full of flavor chicken recipe made in one pot! You can make this delicious casserole for a midweek dinner or a family gathering. Perfect comfort food that's easy and quick to prepare!

Beans, Potatoes, Chicken Casserole

 4 Big chicken thighs (or 8 small ones)
 5 Medium potatoes
 1 Large onion
 400 g Red kidney beans (1 can)
 1 cup Chicken broth (or water + 1 tbsp of soy sauce)
Chicken marinade
 2 Garlic cloves (minced)
 2 tbsp Olive oil
 1 tbsp Lemon juice
 1 tsp Paprika
 1 tsp Smoked paprika
 1 tsp Turmeric
 1 tsp Dried thyme
 1 tsp Dried oregano
 ¼ tsp Chilli
 ¼ tsp Cinnamon
 Salt and pepper

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.


Mix marinade ingredients, rub the chicken and set aside.


Cut the onion into thin slices. Heat the pan with a tablespoon of oil (you can add a bit of butter too) and fry the onion over low-medium heat for 30 minutes. Stir often and don't let them burn! The onion will become nicely brown and sweet.

If you're in a hurry, you can skip the caramelization and just fry them for a few minutes. Transfer the onion to the casserole dish.


Wash and peel potatoes. Then cut into 1cm slices. Add a bit of oil to the pan if needed. Then add potatoes. Season with salt and fry for a few minutes. Transfer the potatoes to the casserole dish.


Again, add a bit of oil if needed to the pan. Add chicken and fry each side for a few minutes, until golden.


Add beans to the casserole dish and mix together with onion and potatoes. Place the chicken on top. Pour over the broth.


Cover and bake for around 50 minutes. Then uncover and bake for 20 minutes more.

Depending on your oven you may need to lower the heat a bit to not burn the chicken.