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Mexican Chicken Salad (With Corn And Avocado)

Yields2 ServingsPrep Time10 minsCook Time5 minsTotal Time15 mins

This Crunchy Chicken Charred Corn And Avocado Salad is fun to make, fresh in flavor, and make an awesome lunch or dinner! Nothing boring here! Only good stuff: flavourful and crispy chicken, charred corn, creamy avocado bites, sweet cherry tomatoes, red onion, and cheesy nachos! Yummy!

Crunchy Chicken Charred Corn And Avocado Salad

 1 Small chicken breast
 1 Egg
 ½ cup Breadcrumbs
 ½ tsp Smoked paprika
 ½ tsp Oregano
 ½ tsp Cumin
 1 pinch Chilli flakes/powder
 1 pinch Garlic powder
 Salt and pepper
Charred corn
 1 cup Sweet corn kernels
 3 cups Mixed greens
 1 cup Cherry tomatoes
 1 Avocado
 ½ Red onion
Honey-mustard dressing
 3 tbsp Olive oil
 1 tbsp Lime juice
 1 tsp Honey
 1 tsp Mustard
 1 Garlic clove (minced)
 Salt and pepper
Herb dressing
 3 tbsp Olive oil
 1 tbsp Lime juice
 1 tsp Honey
 1 tbsp Fresh coriander or parsley (chopped)
 1 Garlic clove (minced)
 Salt and pepper

Prepare the dressing - in the jar/cup mix all the ingredients. Season with salt and pepper. Mix together. Set aside.


Now, mix all the spices together. Cut the chicken breast in half horizontally and season with all the spices.


Place breadcrumbs in one plate and the whisked egg in a bowl. Dredge the chicken breast in egg, then coat in breadcrumbs.


Heat the pan with a little bit of oil over medium heat and fry chicken until golden. Remove from the pan.


At the same time, heat another pan or skillet over medium heat with a little bit of oil. Add corn and let it get charred - don't stir 2 minutes. Then, stir a few times, let it get charred again and remove from the heat.


Now prepare the rest of the veggies: cut tomatoes in half, cut avocado and drizzle with lime juice, slice the onion.


Cut the chicken into slices.


Place greens in a big plate/bowl. Top with chopped veggies, charred corn, and chicken. Drizzle with the dressing.


Serve with nachos.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 2